Warcradle Studios are looking to expand their resin production capacity with a dynamic and focussed Resin Production Assistant to work in our head office at Wayland Games Limited located just outside of Southend in Essex.

You'll be involved in all aspects of resin production. The candidate should demonstrate their experience and skills with resin production as this role will play a key part in strategically developing the expansion of our capabilities in this area.

Salary range is up to £17,500 for a full time position.

You will be rewarded with 28 days per year holiday, a wide range of staff perks such as great discounts as well as significant promotion opportunities for the right individual.

If, after reading the Requirements and Ideal Candidate details, you feel you would be suitable for this role please email us your CV along with a brief outline of what you would bring to the role to:

Who we are

Warcradle Studios is the creative studio for Wayland Games Limited, the largest independent tabletop hobby retailer in Europe. Warcradle Studios is able to draw on that considerable experience in the industry and partner that with a passionate and focussed creative team keen to develop quality, innovative and exciting tabletop hobby experiences for a global audience.

Through Warcradle Studios, Wayland Games is investing in all aspects of the design, development and supply of the game. Starting late November 2016, products in the current range will be available to customers through their favourite retailers as well as directly from the Warcradle Studios website. Retailers can look forward to an easy to use ordering system, clear communication on the availability of stock and direct support from Warcradle Studios to ensure they can make the most of this exciting range and deliver the same to their customers.

Warcradle Studios are committed to producing an exciting range of new plastic and resin miniatures to support the growth of Wild West Exodus These will build on the established releases as well as introduce new narrative and competitive gaming opportunities for this compelling setting.

Warcradle Studios are planning in-store organised play support for Wild West Exodus as well as a range of exciting events planned throughout 2017 and beyond.

We are sure that many of the fans of Wild West Exodus have some questions, we have created an FAQ document to answer them. The document will be updated on a regular basis, and you can download it here

Look out for our announcements of new products and show attendance in the coming weeks.

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Any Questions?


If you have any questions for the WarCradle team including please send a short message to and someone will get back to you.

Wild West Exodus

If you have any questions about Wild West Exodus including Trade enquiries, please contact us here.